How I can help you


All of my services are custom-tailored to meet your specific needs, but many clients start with one of the following packages:


8-, 12-, and 20-week packages: You define the issue you want to tackle and I'll provide support, accountability and encouragement.

business systems

Organizational structure assessment: I'll help you create a chart to show you where you have outages (or overages) in your organization, and make recommendations to fix them.  

Teamwork Assessment: I'll meet with your team and its leaders to measure its happiness and efficiency, and make recommendations to improve them. 

Culture assessment: I'll meet with leadership to identify company values, mission, vision, goals and recommend a strategy to achieve them. 

Operational Assessment: You point out the problem area, I'll analyze the people and processes to identify the core issue and make recommendations to resolve it.  

workshops, retreats and seminars

Group facilitation and training: I can run workshops on design thinking, strategy creation, goal setting, project planning, and a number of other issues.