My story

I'm a visionary, strategic problem-solver and relationship-builder.  I started my career as a fine artist who happened to have some organizational skills.  I pursued a second degree in interior architecture and a master of architecture, expecting to pursue design work that would engage all of my aptitudes.  Instead, I discovered a knack for seeing the glitch in any system and finding the right fix based on the context.  I found myself engineering solutions as I found problems, and became valued highly for it.  Along the way, I worked with tech companies, legal firms, public health research teams, academic departments, strategy and design firms large and small, personal chefs, writers, floral designers, printmakers, sculptors, dietitians, design/build firms, aestheticians, and interior design and architecture firms - finding that the most satisfying use of my skillset is helping creative leaders solve problems.

I've helped entrepreneurs with new businesses, C-suite leaders in established companies, owners of small firms, directors of specific teams in mid-size and large firms, managers in all types of environments, academic teams and directors, young creatives just starting their careers and master practitioners in distinguished careers.  Together, we have grown new capabilities, envisioned future programs and business structures, started new companies, implemented initiatives, kept things 'on the rails' during exponential growth, begun to balance day jobs with creative side hustles, improved morale and productivity, provided intrinsic motivation and validation, built happier teams, put the right people in the right positions, designed more balance into lives, treated creative burnout, and helped people excavate, frame, and inhabit their native genius.  Below are some of the ways in which I do that.

I see things from a 30,000 ft. view and help guide teamS to success.  

  • envision a future state to work toward, enabling individuals to make strategic decisions for your company at every turn.

  • provide planning and implementation support throughout the journey of a new business, or transition an existing one.

  • synthesize your multitude of ideas into salient actionable plans that move business forward.

  • activate your smartest ideas and turn them into initiatives that become realities for teams.

I go beneath the symptom to Find the core issue and solve the problem.  

  • align values with vision and mission to get the bus moving in the right direction with the right people on board.

  • tame the chaos by identifying the root cause of common issues that throw a team into chaos.

  • co-create processes and systems, organizing things and people in a way that feels authentic for individuals and the team.

I Put the right people in the right position, building a highly functioning team.  

  • cultivate company culture by developing collaborative individuals and growing happy teams.

  • uncover peoples' best skills and talents because having everyone in their 'native genius' makes for a happy, engaged team.

  • elevate and delegate, increasing efficiency and output across the team - top to bottom - helping avoid burnout.

  • integrate cross-functional teams and help people be happier at work doing what they love.