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Coaching creatives and building businesses for over 20 years

I work with people just like you every day.  Coaching, training, and implementing systems and processes are some of the ways I help build a structure for creativity to grow and businesses to succeed. 

With over 20 years of professional experience, a foundation in design thinking, work in design practice and design direction, master of architecture degree, university-level teaching experience, and practice with numerous entrepreneurial companies, I'm uniquely qualified to partner with you while you build your business.  

Whether you're just starting out with a new idea, need help building a team, are learning to delegate, or find yourself at a transition point in your company or business structure, let's explore how I can assist. 

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    Providing business coaching for entrepreneurs and creatives      

    business systems

    Building business systems for innovative firms                              

    workshops, retreats and seminars

    Design thinking, leadership, and team-building for groups


    Ideas are easy.
    Implementation is hard.
    — Guy Kawasaki


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